Online lessons - are they right for you?

Online lessons are a new option for our busy mobile lifestyles. When deciding whether online lessons can work for you, here are some important features to consider. Do you travel frequently for work or visit family abroad? Are you home-schooling multiple students and need a flexible schedule? Is travel for lessons limiting your choice in teachers?

Many of the families I work with online relocate every two years with the military. Saying goodbye to teachers you've formed a bond with can be difficult and online lessons provide a way to stay connected wherever work takes you. Teaching lessons with Skype and FaceTime, I have watched students become far more independent as they learn to mark their own score and read music more carefully as we take turns playing for each other. I'm also able to send them the latest version of "Hedwig's Theme" from Harry Potter during our lesson, send a YouTube video from my channel, or  MP3 recording to help students practice.

Online lessons are also a good fit for those students and parents needing a flexible schedule from week to week. I'm so fortunate to be teaching many amazing adult students, from lawyers and surgeons to teachers and dedicated moms, who all need the flexibility of changing lesson times from week to week when work and home-life take front seat. Teaching online from my studio allows me to adjust my schedule accordingly and handle any last minute changes with ease.

With the option of online lessons, students and parents are free to find the perfect match in personality, experience, and teaching methods. Before the development of online tutoring, many of us were just "lucky" to find the right teacher and count it as a blessing have a good experience where others did not. Today we are able to find the right cheerleader or task-master to fit our needs along our educational journeys. 

To schedule a trial online lesson, contact me at kathleenlavengood (at) gmail