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Vivian: Dr. Kathleen L. is a perfect fit for our 13 year old! Dr. Kathleen has a kind disposition, within five minutes our daughter felt comfortable. Dr. Kathleen’s lesson plan is structured and easy for our daughter to follow... Lessons start on time and finish on time, and our daughter loves learning in her home and playing her own piano! 

Sara: "Kathleen is the best!  Starting violin lessons as an adult student was a bit intimidating, but Kathleen was quick to put me at ease with her warm demeanor and positive teaching style.  With my busy schedule and the music becoming increasingly more difficult, I don't think I would have continued playing without her encouragement and patience.  Our weekly lesson has now become my favorite hour of the week!  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch, professional music instructor."  

Robin: "Mrs. Kathleen is very encouraging and patient with both my children. Their love of music has grown exponentially in just a matter of months! Their skill level has increased and I find them humming music every day!" 

Lynn: “I am enjoying my lessons with Kathleen. She is very encouraging to me, an elderly beginner, which makes me enjoy the lessons and the practice!”

Genevieve: "Stop playing violin and piano and please go and _____!" This is the main "problem" we've had as a family since starting lessons with Dr. Kathleen Lavengood. Her positive-reinforcement style of instruction is so motivating that my children want to play music all day. Nowhere in sight is a lifestyle of nagging to "go and practice your piano/violin";  instead my children are voluntarily--that is, completely of their own initiative--learning new pieces and trying their hand at their own compositions and accompaniments to create what they have dubbed "musical surprises" for their teacher. My children delight both in learning to play and learning musical theory because Dr. Lavengood makes learning so wonderful. She is organized, punctual, clear, thoughtful, gentle, and inspiring in her instruction.  She presents new information and skills in such a way that the new builds naturally, logically, soundly, and comfortably upon what is known.  She makes learning an organic experience that never feels forced.  My children are learning so much.  (Other people look surprised when they find out how much my children have learned in a relatively brief period of time--Thank you, Dr. Lavengood!) Yet even as my children put in hours of work and have commensurate achievement to show for it, there is from them no sense of drudgery or resentment. I feel so fortunate that thanks to Dr. Lavengood's outstanding skill and talent as a teacher, my children are among the lucky few who see playing music as playing.  Surely, there is something very right about that kind of playing. Thank you, Dr. Lavengood for bringing the gift of children's music into our lives! You have opened doors of opportunity in my children's future.  No matter what they choose, their lives have already been permanently enriched by what they are learning from you!" 

Gabrielle: "The first lesson was great. She explained some of the fiddle's background, how to hold it, and how to play it all in an interactive way. The time flew by. My daughter is very enthusiastic about the lessons & even more excited about the fiddle than before the lesson. Kathleen is awesome." 

Jennifer: "Absolutely love Kathleen. She is a wonderful teacher, Patience
and always encouraging. I highly recommend her." 

Kate: "What a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher! My daughter has had fiddle lessons for 2 years in person, and to finally cut down on our two-hour commute I suggested on-line lessons. The computer had a few connection issues on our end that we will definitely iron out before our next session. Lucky for us, Kathleen worked patiently through the connectivity bumps and gave a very upbeat, challenging lesson with all the backup sheet music, recording, and plenty of thumbs up to keep my daughter motivated and practicing. We are very happy we "found" Kathleen and highly recommend her as an instructor!!" 

Alice: "I have had 3 lessons with Kathleen and they have been great and full of information. She is always very encouraging and is very friendly." 

Mitchell: "I was very impressed with my lesson with Kathleen. She started from the beginning, leaving nothing out, but she always had a sense of urgency. I felt like she treated our lesson time as very valuable and wanted to pack as much good stuff into the lesson as possible. Kathleen was also extremely friendly and encouraging. It was an all-around great experience." 

Hari: "Kathleen is a really fantastic teacher. She is very patient and gentle in her teaching methods, while making sure my 5 year old daughter learns from her instruction. I recommend her greatly." 

Yvette: "Kathleen is an outstanding teacher. [She] is extremely patient and talented. My daughters take violin and piano with her and have blossomed under her instruction." 

Laurie: "She is amazing! My 6 year old started at 5 in Germany and in 6 lessons he learned more and is better than he did in a whole year. She is SO sweet and soft spoken. She praises all the time and has all kinds of neat tricks or tools to make it fun especially for an almost 6 year old! We can not thank her enough for being part of our lives! Our son adores her and now calls the violin the God of Music because of her!" 

Michael: "She is prompt, professional, friendly, patient, and just a fantastic instructor. My daughter who is receiving the instruction loves her and really enjoys learning from Dr. Kathleen. If anybody ever asks I will highly recommend her." 

Amanda: "Dr. Kathleen is always punctual, warm, and a joy to have to have in our home. I recommend her to everyone who asks, and even some who don't. Very encouraging teacher for my hesitant 5-year old. Mrs. Kathleen is so gentle that my daughter complies with joy!" 

 Maryann: "Kathleen is friendly, encouraging, and knowledgeable. She is a proficient and effective teacher. My granddaughter recommended her, and that said it all. I would recommend her to anyone." 

Jasmyn: "She is awesome, very encouraging and knowledgeable. I've recommended her to two families so far." 

Gabriel: "She works well with my 6 y.o. because she uses music games along with the technical workings of a piano and pushes him to play advanced music. Yes, I would recommend her to every one." 

Kelley: "Kathleen is truly an answered prayer! Her credentials are impeccable, so we know that Karli is receiving superior instruction. However, it is her sweet and lovely spirit that we love. Initially unsure of how well "online" lessons would go, we are so thankful for the convenience, coupled with excellence, that we are privileged to have with Kathleen."